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Pileated Woodpecker

The cold winds of winter had started to subside and would soon be replaced with the warm fragrant breezes of a Minnesota spring.  As the two forces battled with each other the woods and waters started to return to life.  On this day the last vestiges of winter could be felt as the breeze stiffened and the occasional snowflake appeared in the sky.

The Pileated was not to be deterred however, knowing that spring would soon win out.  And so the woods were filled with the raucous echo of the powerful strikes upon the yielding wood and bark.  This somehow made the breeze warmer and the flakes less obvious.    Ah yes, spring was near.

Summer Whitetail evening


The summer sun was starting to lose its grip, ushered out by a gentle breeze carrying the smell of earth and clover.   The stillness was broken by the drumming of hooves as they landed upon the field with a rhythmic cadence.   At once she seemed to materialize from the grass and with a grace and ease quickly covered the expanse before us.   A moment later the silence returned and she vanished into her surroundings, was she really there?

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