Growing up in northern MN I have always appreciated the outdoors and the natural beauty of this state.   I have always had an interest in photography and even dabbled a bit while in school at the University of Minnesota.   Unfortunately my career path took another route and photography became a passing interest.

My photography bug was dormant for a long time but like many, the arrival of “afforable” DSLRS changed all of that.  I was all set to purchase the Canon D60 when the Canon 10D was announced, I was one of the first in line!   The arrival of my new camera sparked a passion for photography that exists within me to this day.

My primary focus is nature and wildlife photography but I shoot just about everything.   I started this blog to share my journeys and what I have learned behind the lens.   I look forward to sharing my interest and am always eager to discover new things.  Being that I shoot digital exclusively I have also amassed quite a bit of experience with all the software and tools that are now so much a part of the photography landscape.    This blog and wordpress are just another step down this path.  Come along for the journey, I hope you find it as rewarding as I have.