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© 2010 Gary Udstrand


As we celebrate this Memorial Day weekend make sure to take a moment and thank all the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for us.  God bless all those that serve and have served.


Below is a poem authored by Eunice Korczak, I hope you enjoy it as much I have.

As I Stood Among the Crosses

As I stood among the crosses
Contemplating war’s terrible losses
The whispered prayers among the trees
Brought me humbly to my knees

For these prayers the dead were giving
And they were praying for the living:
"Hold! Protect your freedom!
For this our lives are done"

Allow not inroads on our gain
Or our lives were spent in vain
With this sacred duty we charge all:
Make sure your freedoms do not fall

Some must always fight and die
Others serve a different battle cry
‘Death, death! to infringing policy!
To keep this, your great land, free!’

All, all! Go forth! Defend!
Upon you, you! we depend
That from death we may proclaim
We did not die in vain!"

As I knelt among the crosses
I understood they marked not only losses
But, also, freedom’s mighty gains
And I prayed that all take up the reins

Of vigilance, of freedom’s fight
And demand, demand! the right
Of freedom — to validate the losses
Marked by these small white crosses.

God bless all who died for our freedom. Amen.
Eunice Korczak 2002

Shining Sea

© Gary Udstrand 2009

Shining Sea

The Lake’s surface appeared as though a stage for the dancing moon light, accompanied by the gentle ripples pushed along by the steady summer breeze.  It is late, and it is quiet and it is peaceful.   Time here seems to slow, the only indication otherwise is the almost imperceptible climb of the moon higher and higher above the horizon.  

Lake Superior

Lake Superior is not really a sea but then again its very size makes it unique in almost every way.  It is clear, deep, cold and expansive and its shoreline is among the most dramatic here in Minnesota, or almost anywhere.   I am fortunate to have the Great Lake in my backyard, as I was to be here on this night.

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