©2009 Gary Udstrand

Left Behind

The small shanty had once been the center of a vibrant and growing family, providing warmth and protection to all those who graced its floors. Laughter and Love and the patter of small feet echoed insides its walls, but that is now long gone. As the years passed the children moved on one by one until there were none.

The prairie winds blow effortlessly unfettered by the shattered windows. The silence is only occasionally interrupted by the sad creak of hinges as the door slowly works free of the frame. The house is slowly dying along with the dreams of the once proud builder. Time passes and people move on, the forgotten building stands alone, left behind.


Fine Art

This image was featured on the Fine Art photoblog on May 28th 2010.  It was the first of a few images that were featured and it is one of my favorites.  Growing up in Northern MN this scene is all too familiar and represents a way of life that is slowly slipping away.  This scene will eventually succumb to the elements and will disappear completely from the landscape. And with it the memories of a time that is no more.


Interestingly, even though this image was featured on another blog I had, until now, failed to post it on my own blog.  So this post is a bit retrospective and some may have even seen this image before.   But I wanted it to be a part of this blog and representative of my work and style.


Conversion to Black and White

This image was converted to Black and White using Nik’s Silver Efex Pro.   I am  a big fan of the Nik plugins and have used SEP for all my B&W work since I first converted this image a couple years ago.  For this image I wanted a strong tonal contrast and an emphasis on the powerful skies of that day.  Using SEP I was able to quickly and easily get the look I wanted.